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Finding My Way recounts my journey from being a Recovering Ugly Duckling (Episodes 1 - 103) to my continuing journey of discovering self. I hope these insights help you on your journey to live your best life ever!

Dec 26, 2017

Pursuing a dream is like living a fairy tale. You feel hopeful, you feel scared, you feel challenged. You seek help, you receive help (sometimes from unlikely sources). You keep believing in the magic. And of course, you live happily ever after.

Episodes prior to #103 were called Reflections of a...

Dec 19, 2017

Sometimes people may scoff at your choices for an exercise program, a career, a relationship, but hopefully you feel comfortable and confident enough to recognize what works for you and why. You shouldn't have to defend your choices. But when you can, you'll feel more powerful and confident.


Dec 12, 2017

Sugar cravings. Do you experience them? Do you feel the energy surge when you eat it and the energy crash when you don't? In this episode, I share some tips on how to handle those sugary cravings when they strike.


The music is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.


Dec 5, 2017

Instead of getting caught in the trap of doing the same things you always do, take a moment to consider why you are doing them. Ask yourself if there is something else you could be doing. Ask yourself if that action is moving you in the direction of your dreams. Become more intentional in your actions and...

Nov 28, 2017

The holiday season throws most of us off kilter. Typical routine activities are suddenly fraught with glitches. Our once quiet and relaxing weekends are stuffed with activities that require more energy than we possess. Instead of wishing the holidays were over, learn how to make adjustments for this special time of...