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Finding My Way recounts my journey from being a Recovering Ugly Duckling (Episodes 1 - 103) to my continuing journey of discovering self. I hope these insights help you on your journey to live your best life ever!

Apr 25, 2017

How do you know what you are capable of doing if you never look back to see what you were capable of doing?

"I never thought I could do it... but I did... What else can I do?"

In today's episode, I share a bit of insight from my last weeks as a 53-year-old woman. I talk about the importance of looking back over time to...

Apr 18, 2017

When you want to make changes in your life, what strategy do you use? Do you count on willpower to aid you in making lasting changes? Do you follow a strict code of discipline? Or to you build new habits into your routine?

In this week's episode, I share thoughts on all three and which is the most effective for long...

Apr 11, 2017

By nature, I am a serious, focused person. I've always said that I don't know how to play.

I never enjoyed playing as a kid, I found it challenging to play with my own children. Playing is not something that comes naturally to me--it is not easy for me.

Some people are known for being fun and fun-loving. In many ways I...

Apr 4, 2017

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Do you wonder why your friends or co-workers can get so much accomplished, and you can't seem to get anything done?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all that you have do on a daily basis. It can be hard to feel like you have any choice but to keep toiling away like...