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Finding My Way recounts my journey from being a Recovering Ugly Duckling (Episodes 1 - 103) to my continuing journey of discovering self. I hope these insights help you on your journey to live your best life ever!

Aug 29, 2017

I have a challenge for you...

Take a quick few minutes to list the people who have made an impact on your life (for better or worse). Think of people who exist in your current world, and people from your past. Think of people you grew up with, went to school with, worked with, lived with or near.

Now count the number of...

Aug 22, 2017

Do you have a lifelong dream? A dream that has been a part of you for so long that you don't remember a time when you didn't want to do it?

Perhaps your lifelong dream is to something unique or fun. Perhaps your dream is to meet someone you admire. Perhaps your dream is to see a specific place on this planet.


Aug 15, 2017

I don't know if you've noticed... but I am not perfect.

I know... it's hard to believe. But there it is.

And you know what? I bet you aren't perfect either.

And do you know what else... do you know the MOST IMPORTANT "WHAT ELSE" is?

It doesn't matter!

We are all imperfect beings. Accepting our own imperfections...

Aug 8, 2017

A backhanded compliment... unfair criticism... we've all experienced them. They don't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, do they? Instead they leave us feeling worse than if nothing had been said at all.

In this week's episode I share my extremely frustrating and disheartening workplace environment that...

Aug 1, 2017

Do you consider yourself creative? Do you actively pursue your creative interests? If you do… YAY!!

If you do… do you share your creative projects with others or do you create in secret like I do… er… did. 

If you don’t, why don’t you? Are you concerned with what others might think or say? Have you been...