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Finding My Way recounts my journey from being a Recovering Ugly Duckling (Episodes 1 - 103) to my continuing journey of discovering self. I hope these insights help you on your journey to live your best life ever!

Jun 27, 2017

Imagine writing your life story. What are the most important accomplishments you've experienced? What are the challenges you've overcome? What have been the high and low points that have made you the person you are today? What title would you give your book?

Next. imagine if someone else wrote about your life?

Now, now... don't tell me you are boring and there is nothing to say about your life. I know that is not true!

You've made an impact in this world. And the reality is, just because something may seem small to you, doesn't mean it's small to someone else!

So... back to the question... if someone else were looking at your life, from the outside, what would they write about? What would they call your life story?

In this week's episode, we explore this topic. Have a listen...


The music is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.